About us

Since 2012, Crowdpolicy has been developing innovative solutions for the private and public sectors using crowdsourcing methods and techniques

Crowdpolicy provides solutions consisting of consulting services and digital systems implementation to enable collaboration between individuals, organizations, and companies. More specifically, Crowdpolicy develops platforms and applications that allow citizens and / or the public to participate in collective processes to encourage cooperation and democracy. Moreover, these solutions aim to create methodological tools and applications to design new products and services or existing ones, offering interactive services and applications that are user-friendly and useful for citizens, with a focus on the optimal organization of relevant information and knowledge production in a constantly evolving world.

Our team executives have extensive experience in creating innovative technology solutions (such as platforms, monitoring systems, open data systems, and others). In addition, Crowdpolicy uses open-source tools and creates open-source platforms to provide open data to citizens.